House Of Rainbow Voices (Drama, Dance, Music, Poetry etc.)

The mission of HORF is to inhabit and expand on the ministerial gift of her members by creating a safe space for the development of talents for drama, dance, music and poetry.

House Of Rainbow Women’s Ministry

HORF supports Women’s ministry with a specific and special focus on women’s needs, in doing so we have developed women focus groups in collaboration with Women’s alliances.

Workshops & Seminars

Organising and implementing Capacity building workshops and seminars for members and other civil society alliances in conjunction with LGBT, issues, matters and concerns including sexual health.

Sexual Health Interventions

HORF provides sexual health advice, materials and resources, making referrals and supporting members through crisis. Providing information and safety awareness skills related to online dating and social network.

Condolence & Emergency Welfare Funds

House Of Rainbow Fellowship seeks to provide support for members, friends and families who are bereaved. Also support emergency welfare such as temporary shelter.

Mission development of Local Leaders/Groups

It is important to develop small groups for the mission to reach people in hostile and isolated areas. This project seeks to develop leaders and small groups for the advancement of inclusive Christian mission. Download application form and further information using these links.

Asylum Seekers Mission

House Of Rainbow Fellowship provides a safe place and welcoming for LGBTI asylum seekers and provide free “witness statement” to support their claims. For more information go to,

Bible Study Groups (What the Bible Says…)

HORF provides printed teaching resources and other materials for the development of friends, allies and members on what the bible says positively and inclusively about homosexuality.

Job Training Skills Development.

HORF provides job training skills locally including help with language, developing job hunting skills, writing CV etc. For example HORF with the help of sponsors and volunteers train members, friends and allies in videography, photography, cookery, make up artistry, beautician, IT Skills etc.