South Africa – A mother’s love for her gay son by Erica Zelda Joja

On 28 September 1988 I gave birth to a beautiful baby son and I called him Shannon Jody Hugh Joja. This was my very first and last child and a gift from God.  Read More


Zambia – Growing up is a natural process by Reuben Silungwe.

When we are born, our parents rejoice to the bundle of joy right in front of them and in their warm arms. Here, I also assume, our parents have an uncorrupted, self-confessed and deeper understanding of the Creator’s [ God’s] unconditional love.  Read More


Botswana – Bisexual sister and a gay brother by Chantel Fortuin and Bradley Fortuin.

I was born in Namibia, raised by my grandmother most of the time because my mother worked outside town.  My grandmother “ouma” not only taught us but lived the words of Christ. To me she was the embodiment of Christ for she shared everything with everybody whether you were known as the street drunkard, the whore even the mofies aka” lady like men” in the community she never would turn a soul away. Read More


South Africa – Living out my truth by John M. Bean

My name is John M. Bean, I am 49 years old, I am I grew up in the back streets of Cape Town and was always drawn to the church and ministry. Gospel music in church saved my life  Read More


Zambia – An Advocate for LGBTIQ people by David Musonda.

In Zambia, sexual minorities are constitutionally outlaws and victimized by all major religious movements, they do not only have rights to be respected, however it is undeniable the gifts and virtues these communities hold, to be emulated and contributed to the positive development of human society. Read More